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Learn about Millets weight loss, Millet health benefits, Millet Names, Millet calories

What are millets, list of Millets Names

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 Do not look at the small view that small grains are small. Nuts such as ragi (finger millets), Bajra, and cherries may not look great.   The most popular cereals today are sorghum and ragi(finger millets). Sauces are also used in some areas. But there are many more like koras, rice paddies, varieties, sams and so on.

Not many people know about these. They may not even see it. Lean grains are rich in carbohydrates, micronutrients such as proteins, fiber, iron, calcium, and zinc. Small grains are a bit fatty, though they are peeling. It is good fat. This helps the body get the fatty acids it needs.

 Millets Weight loss

These are good for the heart and sugar patients Because cereals are high in fiber, they are slow to digest compared to rice & wheat. So the glucose in them is also absorbed into the blood. Not only does it take a long time to chew on cereals, but it also reduces the amount of food consumed. Not too hungry so it will be digested lately.

These can help with weight loss. The proportion of cholesterol in the blood is organized. millets are used to lower the acid levels in the body. This will avoid stomach upset and ulcers. They are rich in calcium and iron and can help prevent constipation. These are all good health benefits if they are a part of the diet. Millets also keep you satiated for lengthier than other carbohydrates which are digested within a couple of hours of being eaten. When you eat millets, you feel fuller for longer as they take some time to get digested and absorbed into your body. You need not reach out for unhealthy fast food, oily snacks, as a result.

Millets Health Benefits

Help control blood sugar levels,

Millets increases immunity,

Reduces cardiovascular risks,

 Rich in antioxidants

Prevents asthma,

May help lower cholesterol

Fits a gluten-free diet

Ovoid Overeating problem

Millet Calories Chart

Millets calorie chart
Millets calorie chart Image link By Wiki

 Dr khadar vali about Millets (scientist)

Millets are classified as Positive and Neutral grains. Among the Positive Millet Grains, which have dietary fiber from 8 % to 12.5 % are Foxtail (Navane), Barnyard (Oodalu), Araka (Kodo), Little (Samai), and Brown Top. Whereas Pearl (Sajje), Finger (Ragi), Proso (Baragu), Great Millet (White Jowar), and Corn classified as neutral grains, having a little lesser fiber and other nutrients. The millet foods are considered as miracle grains, that’s why we call them “Siri Dhanya” millets.

Siridanyalu by Khadar Vali


                    Dr Khadar Lecture on Siridhanya - Beyond Health, Courtesy By YES TV 


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5 types of millets

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