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Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja, Vidhanam, Science Behind Ritual

Varalakshmi vratham the most auspicious day:

VaraLakshmi Vrataham

Varalakshmi Vratham Date in 2021

Varalakshmi Vratham is the festival celebrated by most of the south Indian families according to their customs and rituals. (Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka) in Shravan maas (Telugu month which happens mostly in July or august months). 

The history behind celebrating this festival is that there lived a woman by name Charumathi in the Magadha dynasty. She was a devotee of goddess Lakshmi, one-day goddess Lakshmi in her dream said to offer pooja to her the upcoming Friday.

That Friday was the second Friday of Shravan Masam(the Friday before full moon day). This year the varalakshmi Vratham 2021 will fall on Friday 20th August. 

She followed the words of the goddess and offered pooja by fasting for the day and by offering different prasadams(food items or fruits) to the goddess.

As the pooja was fruitful she believed that by doing so she and her family was blessed with good health and wealth. So she called her as varalakshmi( the goddess of boon ).

And this day is celebrated as varalakshmi vratham every year and all the women started doing this pooja for well being of their family.

And they believed that all their wishes were fulfilled by the goddess and they were blessed with good wealth and health.

And it is believed that by doing this pooja they will be blessed as sumangali and young girls will get a good husband and those who don't have children they will be blessed with children 

How is this festival celebrated

The house is cleaned and decorated. The decoration here is with the mango leaves tied to doors and applying turmeric to the doors and rangoli with turmeric and kumkum or with flowers. 

On the day of pooja i.e Friday, they prepare the idol of varalakshmi either by using coconut, Haldi, or wheat or rice flour. And they decorate with saree or a piece of cloth and jewelry. 

A container filled with haldi water and coconut on it is placed this is kalasham.

Nava Prasada(Nava-nine types of Prasada-food items) are prepared and offered to the goddess.

The nine food items include different rice items and sweets like Pulihora, Aramanam, vada, Poornalu, Dadojanam, Burelu, etc. The food items are prepared according to one's customs.

After everything is prepared they do pooja by chanting mantras.


                                            Sri Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja Vidhanam 2019 


Mostly in the evening of the day other ladies who are staying nearby are invited to the home and they offer Pasupu-kumkum to them along with Thambulam(consists of betel leaves, fruit, sprouts, and areca nut), turmeric is applied to their feet, sandal powder is applied on the chin .

By doing so they get blessings from other women. 

Science Behind Ritual 

Some scientific insights of this festival. These are some scientific features that I feel that this tradition must move on. This festival is celebrated in the month of July or august which is monsoon time in India. As it is time where we have rains and the surroundings will be unhygienic so it is important to keep our house clean for being healthy as this is the time when flu will be spread in different forms of bacteria and viruses. 

 As we tie  Thoran(mango leaves)to doors, the fresh leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and make the air fresh and clean.

The green color is also refreshing to our mind and lowers anxiety. And also the leaves distract the insects. As turmeric paste is applied to the threshold of the house it stops the bacteria and other insects from entering the house. And the haldi water used for pooja is sprinkled in the home which acts as a disinfectant. 


శ్రావణ శుక్రవారం వరలక్ష్మి అమ్మవారి కలశం అలంకరణ

The Prasadam is prepared with different ingredients like Jaggery, Turmeric, Lemon, Tamarind, different grains. All these ingredients are helpful in immunity-boosting and provide energy to fight with different flu's. The Thambulam offered has betel leaves and sprouts which have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory features that help for good health. All women apply turmeric paste to their feet and Mehandi on hands which are for a good reason that they have disinfectants so that where ever they walk it is spread and the floor is disinfected. As women go to each other house those who don't celebrate this festival also get the benefits of all these. 


1. Can We Start Performing Varalakshmi Vratham If Not Done Before?

answer: yes we can do new again. see the  Dharma Sandehalu Bhakti tv youtube video 

We can Start Performing Varalakshmi Vratham

2. Minimum how many years to do varalaxmi Pooja, or Did not perform varalaxmi pooja at date then what date perform pooja?

answer: There is no time barrier to do varalakshmi vratham, not mentioned this many years also if you miss before the Purnima Friday you can do next Friday no problem main thing the devotion towards varalakshmi is important.

                                Is Varalakshmi Vratham Performed on Every Sravana Friday?

Whatever may be the tradition set by our ancestors they have a great reason behind them and it for the well being of all so do-follow them.

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